Character Based Management

Picture the worst boss you ever had.

Some or all of the following terms will probably come to mind: self-centered…liar … autocratic…has favorites…bullies…doesn’t listen…dismisses your ideas, etc.

Then think of the best boss you ever had.

You will probably think of qualities such as the following: honest…keeps you in the loop…treats everyone the same… treats you with respect…wants your ideas on how to improve things…cares about you and your co-workers…good communicator, etc.

What these lists show is that what makes someone a bad or good boss is not their technical skill or job-related knowledge, though both are important.

What makes them a good or bad boss are the behaviors we call a person’s character. The better our character, the better manager we will be.

We can improve our character, and thereby improve our organization’s effectiveness and productivity as well as our job satisfaction.

Now is the time to start!