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This book is a MUST read for those who have been disillusioned by Belief Systems, and/or feel unsure of the meaning of their life – for whatever causes; be it jaded by religious or intellectually based Belief Systems. Additionally, the author provides us with a Discussion Forum on his website.

There are abundant reasons as to why I highly recommend this book…too many to address here. This is NOT another typical self-help book. No mystical or sixth sense experience motivated the author to write this book. We know many “New Age”, self-proclaimed prophets describe such events as their premise for writing their books. Robert Beezat’s book is based on logical, rational and knowledge-based thinking. That is why I like it.

Chapter 5 of the book REALLY struck me, as it may you. Beezat poses “The Most Basic Question: Why is there something, instead of nothing?” Quite a provocative question; which many people do, in my opinion, sweep under the rug. Why is it that people don’t take the time to answer such an important question? This book encourages us to make the effort, and suggests a LOGICAL BASIS for thinking about our own spirituality. He proposes the results can lead to living a more contented life, “interacting with reality on an intellectual and spiritual basis.”

I think this book encourages us to “Think Globally and Act Locally.” It is not only concerned with interpersonal relationships, but also with our environment and all the subsets which that encompasses; e.g., political and social, etc., subsets. Basically, if we make life-affirming choices and decisions, we will positively affect our WORLD by the trickle effect. The Status Quo ISN’T working. It IS antiquated and needs some tweaking…by US! It is OUR WORLD, after all.

Especially refreshing are Mr. Beezat’s thoughts on Human Suffering brought about by outside forces, and also his thoughts about “isms.” He states suffering is a reality and that we CAN move through it, with support. In my opinion, some religions and movements encourage us (or dictate to us), to use a “conscious re-thinking” technique. This negates and/or minimizes the reality of human suffering. E.g., one belief system claims if we are selfless and relinquish our desires, needs and wants, we will not experience suffering. It claims our suffering is brought on by our unfulfilled desires, and basically implies we cause our own suffering. Some New Age Movements, Belief Systems and 12-Step Philosophies may be beneficial for awhile, but I also believe they can be damaging. That “conscious re-thinking” technique, in my opinion, is harmful to one’s reality. “People may be ostracized by a movement if they don’t toe the line completely and correctly.” (author quote)

While the author, nor I, am “totally opposed to ideologies and theologies”, I am in agreement with him and “opposed to forcing, coercing and intimidating people to accept and follow those views.” He gives us examples of comprehensive mindsets that are intellectually or religiously bases, such as, “Communism, Socialism, Darwinism, etc.” He states, “No ism has the answer to everyone’s life’s problems and challenges.”

Again, the encouragement to THINK. Reality IS complex. I agree we do “need frameworks within which to make moral and ethical decisions.” I like that the author’s suggestions are based on logic and in reality. His knowledge, humor and wisdom have resulted in a “gift” of a book, which inspires us to live life thoughtfully, wholly and as happily as possible.

Always Evolving
Reviewed on | October 3, 2010

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“This is a simple, straight-forward, and wise book. The answers to our problems are right before our faces, but most of us are blind to them. This book reminded me of the most fundamental truths about living a good life.”

Reviewed on | August 25, 2010

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“So many self-help books seem like cheesy motivational directives, but Beezat’s approach breaks the mold with a frank and pragmatic tone that challenges readers to face life’s important questions with honesty. Beezat shares his personal journey in a straightforward way that cuts through fluff and gets down to the business of discovering value in life. This book has been a valuable tool for my own self-evolution journey and it has prompted a number of interesting discussions with others as well. Many thanks!”

Erin Hershey
Reviewed on | October 26, 2010

May 16, 2016. (Berlin, Green Lake County, 05/09/2016) Robert Beezat the author of “Knowing And Loving” opened his presentation to the members of Berlin Rotary last Monday night with, “Bad news seems to heavily outweigh good news every day. But go to a Rotary meeting! You will hear good things being done by ordinary people every day.” Since he has written his book, Beezat has visited over 75 Rotary Clubs in SoutheastRobert Beezat appearance
Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois. A Chicago native, Beezat is a successful businessman, public official, and community leader whose life is devoted to working for social justice, peace and the common good.  He has been engaged for over 50 years with business, social, political, and religious issues at the local, national, and international levels. He has written the book because it’s never too early or too late in life to be happy.
Pictured:  Berlin rotary President-Elect Jodie Olson with author Robert Beezat.

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January 2011, Connection magazine, Washington, DC, Article written by Robert Beezat, “Planting SEEDs and Green Jobs in the New Economy” (see pages 5 and 6)

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