Table of Contents

Chapter One:
Knowing and Loving
Page 1
Chapter Two:
Knowledge and Belief
Page 5
Chapter Three:
Types of Knowledge
Page 10
Chapter Four:
Love, Knowledge, and Belief
Page 14

Chapter Five:
The Most Basic Question: Why is There Something
Instead of Nothing?

Page 18
Chapter Six:
Limits to and History of Talking About God
Page 23
Chapter Seven:
What I Think About God
Page 28
Chapter Eight:
Change, Evolution, and God
Page 32
Chapter Nine:
What and Who Am I?
Page 38
Chapter Ten:
Why Am I Here?
Page 45
Chapter Eleven:
What is Happiness?
Page 53
Chapter Twelve:
What Does Knowledge Have to Do With Happiness?
Page 59
Chapter Thirteen:
The Pursuit of Happiness
Page 63
Chapter Fourteen:
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Defined
Page 69
Chapter Fifteen:
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Relationship
to Happiness
Page 77
Chapter Sixteen:
Page 81
Chapter Seventeen:
Happiness and the God Factor
Page 93
Chapter Eighteen:
Religion, Spirituality, and Happiness
Page 98
Chapter Nineteen:
Why I Am a Catholic
Page 102
Chapter Twenty:
Praying For Wisdom, Strength, and Courage
Page 108
Chapter Twenty-One:
Page 112
Chapter Twenty-Two:
What is Marriage?
Page 127
Chapter Twenty-Three:
Why Get Married Today?
Page 131
Chapter Twenty-Four:
Why Do So Many Marriages Fail?
Page 136
Chapter Twenty-Five:
Raising Children
Page 148
Chapter Twenty-Six:
Have Fun!
Page 159
Chapter Twenty-Seven:
Page 165
Chapter Twenty-Eight:
Summary and Conclusion
Page 177